About Us

Founded in 1995 while working on a project involving Dynasty star Joan Collins, JM Media Group began as an entertainment research agency named Stars In My Eyes and specialized in finding non-commercially available works on behalf of members of the entertainment community.  Within the first year, it expanded to include advertising, promotions and event planning for concert promoters; allowing work to be done for Barbra Streisand, Luther Vandross, Liza Minnelli, Taylor Dayne, Bette Midler and many others.

In 1997, press clip archiving and video monitoring was added to the services being offered after also opening the Nevada state office of Burrelle's Clipping Service and Video Monitoring Services.  During that year, at the request of 20th Century Fox, Stars In My Eyes was asked to participate in the creation of the A&E Biography of Joan Collins.  In response to their request, A&E was supplied with the archive held on Joan, and resulted in 95% of the on-air material used in the Biography belonging to Stars In My Eyes. 

By 1999, Stars In My Eyes had added corporate publicity to its list of services, starting with the Las Vegas based Hotel San Remo and Maliboo Magic Productions' stage show Night Madness, starring Growing Pains star and former Playboy Playmate Julie McCullough. 

The millennium brought about several changes.  Three more items were added to the list of services offered - professionally run fan clubs, website construction and entertainment publicity.  Silver Spoons stars Joel Higgins and Erin Gray were added as clients.  Shortly after adding them to the roster, Gary Conway of Land of the Giants fame signed Stars In My Eyes as the PR firm for the feature film Woman's Story starring Erin Gray, Kent McCord, Marshall Borden and himself.  At the end of 2003, Stars In My Eyes was moved from Las Vegas to Hollywood.  After assisting in the production of seven VH1 specials, two additional biographies, an Intimate Portrait for Lifetime Television, and the NBC 75th Anniversary, at the urging of Gary Conway, the company name was changed to JM Media Group. 

Teaming up with Betty McCormick Aggas of Midwest Talent Management, JM Media Group became the PR firm for dozens of actors and actresses, as well as the PR firm for the Talent Managers Association.  In 2005, Midwest Talent Management and JM Media Group put together the TMA 50th Anniversary Gala event at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum, celebrating the half-century since Seymour Heller's formation of the TMA and at the same time, a personal celebration of the 10th anniversary of the formation of JM Media Group.

Moving the company back to Las Vegas in 2005, JM Media Group worked with an assortment of corporate clients including SPI Entertainment, the company responsible for the Thunder From Down Under and American Storm stage productions, Treasures Gentlemen's Club, former city councilman Michael Mack, Branded J Cosmetics, OurOpenHouses.com, Pizza Box Football, Muddy River Productions, Fighting For The Arts and others. 

At the end of 2005, JM Media Group expanded once more to add literary publishing to its roster.  Specializing in books relating to the entertainment industry, Signing Stars quickly grew to include 22 titles from an assortment of aspiring and well known authors, producing books on Charlie's Angels, Silver Spoons, Dynasty, Quantum Leap, Remington Steele, Battlestar Galactica and signing Knots Landing and Beverly Hills 90210 star Lar Park Lincoln. 

In 2007, JM Media Group sold Signing Stars to Georgia-based publishing house BearManor Media.  In an unusual turn of events, in the process of releasing the publishing division, JM Media Group teamed with BearManor Media to handle the PR on their catalog of books and authors.  At the end of the year, Gary Conway and his wife, former Miss America Marian McKnight, tapped JM Media Group once more to serve as the official PR firm for their estate winery, Carmody McKnight.

2008 started off with the addition of Remington Steele series co-creator/executive producer Michael Gleason adding his name to the roster of JM Media Group clients and we're currently negotiating publication rights for a new line of novels based on the series.

The past several years have been filled with other assorted fun and interesting projects that include the possibility of three new television series going into production and the addition of several more literary clients.  We're looking forward to the future and forming lasting relationships with our clients and others within the entertainment industry.