C. Elizabeth Lalla Finds Herself Among The Stars

Exeter, California  resident C. Elizabeth Lalla has found herself mixed among the stars – the stars of stage and screen that is.  Lalla has released the first volume of her new anthology series Who’s Who of Stage and Screen.   Released in July 2006, Who’s Who has quickly risen in popularity and has been touted as “the ultimate fan’s guide to today’s entertainers”. 

A longtime fan herself, Elizabeth has always admired members of the acting community but while browsing through books on the market, noticed that none of the books featured up-and-coming artists.  After spending most of her life collecting photos and autographs of her favorite celebrities, she decided to try her hand at writing and what better topic than the Entertainment Industry.  After two years of making contact with hundreds of agents, managers and publicists, Elizabeth had received enough material to construct volume one of Who’s Who and is well on her way to completing volumes two and three as well.

“I’ve always loved actors and actresses and wanted to showcase both the aspiring and the established actors.  The established actors have given millions of people years and years of entertainment while the aspiring actors are Hollywood’s royalty of the future.  I wanted to be able to recognize all of them for the contributions they’ve made and will continue to make to the entertainment field and enjoyment of fans worldwide.  I also wanted to give fans a way to contact their favorites so with their permission, Who’s Who of Stage and Screen includes contact information for each of the actors and actresses along with their current resumes and biographies.”

Gracing the pages of Volume One of Who’s Who are James Garner, Shirley MacLaine, Robert De Niro, Frances McDormand, Robert Patrick, Tommy Lee Jones, Lainie Kazan, Annie Potts, Carson Grant, Dick Van Dyke, Debra Jo Rupp, Dennis Franz, Hector Elizondo, Cynthia Nixon, Larry Romano, Matt Damon, John Mahoney and hundreds more.  Volumes two and three are being packed with more of the brightest talents the Entertainment Industry this generation will ever see.

Who’s Who of Stage and Screen features 162 actors and actresses over 584 pages.  Who's Who of Stage and Screen is available worldwide through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and assorted retailers throughout the United States and Europe.